A man who misses his opportunity and monkey who misses his branch, cannot be saved. Perfect time to invest in USA, as the asset class is cheap across board

We know that the current precarious conditions are so grave that even the most optimist people tend to have weak knees when it comes to investment. Even a positive review by Investment Gurus is not enough to ward off the uneasiness that has crept into the minds of people. However, in these turbulent times there is a ray of hope. If analysed closely, one can see that this is probably the best time to invest in USA.

The present time pose a really vibrant scenario for new investors or someone whose portfolio got hit in the recent crisis. The asset class is cheap across board and the prices are at rock bottom.

Many experienced gurus and pundits believe that the present time is perhaps the best time ever to make an investment in the American Economy. In the words of Steve Luthold, managing director of Leuthold Core Investments, “

Today, in my view, the stock market is presenting you with one of the great buying opportunities of your lifetime -- perhaps the greatest,"

It is no doubt then that the changing times have had a really positive impact on the investment scene. Life is getting back on track for most people and things are perking up. During the last recession, every sector – be it manufacturing, IT or any other, was hit severely and took a serious plunge. The idea of diversified investment took a hit but the same impediment now bodes well for investors. For the incisive individual, the current times can prove to be a jackpot and the risk that one may take can reap rich dividends in the near future. You won’t be wrong in assuming that all corporate shares are still being sold at the price of junk at the present moment with a 50% fall in prices as compared to pre-recession era.

Whatever the case may be, ground rules remain the same i.e. balance risk against each other and use invest with prudence as people start shedding the defensive mode to dawn a new role.

Robin Trehan, can be reached at businesscreditfunding.com or CreditCapitalFunding.com